A call to the Krakow Animal Welfare Society (KTOZ) resulted in a hilarious discovery that left more questions than answers.

The KTOZ shared a post detailing a call from a very worried woman about a brown “creature” that she claimed had been sitting in a tree for two days straight. The post said that the woman was speaking in “desperation,” adding that people were afraid to open their windows in case the anima decided to enter their homes.

But what kind of animal would be sitting in a tree for two days? The called insisted that it wasn’t a bird, that it may have been an iguana. There was concern, then, for the “iguana’s” safety — the weather was cold, and for a reptile to be sitting in the same spot for two days like that may have meant that it had died.

Some people from the organization went out to investigate, unsure of what they might find. They went to the address and, indeed, saw exactly what the caller had described: a brown shape sitting motionless in a tree. As they got closer, they realized that the creature didn’t have a head, legs, or a tail. A tragedy, until they realized that what they were looking at wasn’t an animal at all.

Image Source: KTOZ via Facebook

Yep, somehow, a croissant — you know, like the baked pastry — had gotten stuck in a tree, left to terrorize the neighborhood.

While there really are endless possibilities to explain how the baked good ended up there, the most likely explanation is that someone in the houses near the tree had tossed it out for the birds. Whether they knew where it had really ended up is still a mystery.

The KTOZ reminded their followers that, as funny as the situation was, it’s always better to report animal welfare concerns rather than ignoring them. You may end up saving an animal’s life… or you may give a lot of people a good chuckle.


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