Parents know all too well how kids leave clothes all over the floor. When one parent’s daughter left a sock in the bathroom and didn’t pick it up, though, she decided to put some humor into the situation instead of scolding her kid for it.

Xep Campbell shared the story of the errant sock in a now-viral Facebook post:

On the evening of Thanksgiving when I went to bed I noticed one of Kestrel’s socks on the bathroom floor. I decided not to toss it in the hamper but instead see how long it would stay there, sort of a sociological experiment. Today, a week later, it remained, so I decided it must be intentional and deserved recognition as such. I made this little label hoping it would motivate her to pick it up.”

“Oh no. She sent me a text message asking if I had done it.”

When I got home she said “I made a pedestal for it!” She gamed my shame.”

I figured as long as it was on display, it deserved an audience so the barnyard animals arrived. They find it very fascinating.

Since then, the exhibition has only grown. Suddenly, a mysterious metal monolith appeared next to the sock!

The exhibition has begun to grow into a full-fledged museum.

And with the Christmas season here, it was only natural that the family found a practical use for the artsy sock.

I should point out this is a *very small* bathroom. I asked when the sock might go away. She said “how long do art exhibits usually last?”

While this impromptu art exhibit may not be solving the mess problem, it’s certainly creating a hilarious and sweet memory for this fun-loving family!

All images via Xep Campbell via Facebook


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