Let’s face the facts: some of us spend way too much time on our smartphones. They’re the first things we look at when we wake up in the morning, the thing we’re staring at when we’re eating, and the last thing we’re staring at into the wee hours of the night.

For kids, smartphones are an even bigger problem.  Instead of going out and getting exercise, children are spending their days and nights staring at a 3×7-inch screen.

So what can we do about these little electronic menaces?

A group of dads thought of a great idea: a smartphone prison.

Called the “DadDoes Cell Lock-Up” the mini-phone prison keeps your device locked up for a time that you set. It was developed by a group of dads who were sick of smartphones ruining their family time.

However, it’s not only a parents who can benefit. Are you a smartphone addict? Do you try to put your phone away but find yourself unable to go more than 15 minutes before you’re reaching for it again?

The DadDoes Cell Lock-Up is your solution. Just throw your phone in, set the timer for as long as you can, and keep your phone in “prison.” Even if you have a phone craving, you’ll be unable to get it out until the timer is up.

Check out the video below:

Phone Prison

We all know someone who needs this 😂Credit: DadDoes

Posted by VT on Friday, January 5, 2018


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