Corgis aren’t exactly known for being tall and lanky, and that’s exactly why we love them! These cute, long dogs live their lives close to the ground, which is a plus for people who don’t want to have to worry about leaving food or other temptations out on the counter.

Well… usually.

Line Froystad made the mistake of leaving her leftovers on the stove one night and quickly remembered that her own crafty corgi, Hugo, is more clever than she sometimes gives him credit for. She walked into her kitchen to find Hugo scrambling onto the backs of his “brothers” — a behavior Hugo developed when he was a puppy, according to what she told The Dodo — and pulled out her phone to record what happened next:

Hugo’s brothers seem to be accepting of his antics — thank goodness for family support!

This cute pup seems born to be the world’s most adorable thief. Based on his cleverness and speed combined, we imagine that he’d make a clean getaway with anything he decided to steal.

It looks like Hugo’s mom will need to be even more careful about putting delicious foods on the counter with this innovative corgi around!


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