Anyone who’s owned a cat knows how much they love to observe things from the safety of their space behind glass. We see our kitties chirping at birds they see outside through windows or calmly observing the goings-on of squirrels and chipmunks from the indoor side of a sliding glass door.

One shop owner decided to give his own cats a different perspective, and his feline overlords are definitely enjoying their view from above.

Twitter user @SCMcrocodile shared a funny post and photos explaining that his friend, a shop owner in Taiwan, had recently installed some glass ceiling tiles in the “attic” (a.k.a. the space between the roof and the suspended ceiling tiles) of his shop. The space isn’t big enough for humans to walk around, but the shop owner’s cats sure seem to like it.

Now, every time they look up, the shop owner realizes they are being carefully observed.

The cats are happy, and whether the customers realize it or not, they’re under the meticulous watch of a three-cat surveillance team.

If there was any doubt left as to who really runs the shop, well, this is apparently what happens when the kitties aren’t fed exactly on time.

We doubt anyone will try to steal with this team of helpers constantly watching!


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