As humans, we’re always told to smile when we interact with other people, but obviously, our pets aren’t expected to adhere to the same societal rules.

Don’t tell that to Burreaux, though. This tiny black lab puppy has won over the hearts of the staff at the Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana (and now the rest of the internet) with his winning smile.

Burreaux and his two siblings, Joe and O, were taken to the HSNWL after the director of the organization saw the three puppies at the local animal control. She brought the puppies to the HSNWL in hopes that the organization could find them a home, and when the staff learned of Burreaux’s unique habit of giving toothy grins to visitors, they just had to film him.

While baring teeth can be a “warning sign” or indicator of unease in dogs, but in Burreaux’s case, it seems to be just a silly habit picked up when people are speaking in excited voices to him as he awaits attention.

The video of the grinning puppy has gone viral, but Burreaux is still waiting on his forever home. If you’d like to adopt him, you can apply here.


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