You’ve heard of cat cafes, but how about sheep cafes?

If it sounds too good to be true, you’re wrong — it’s reality in South Korea at the Thanks Nature Cafe.

The unique cafe offers a simple setup: in one room, you can enjoy your beverage, and in the other, you can spend some time with a few adorable fluffy sheep!

(By the way, even the food and drinks are too cute to handle.)

It’s basically paradise for anyone who loves sheep.

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There's a new baby sheep.

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Recently, the cafe posted an adorable and satisfying before-and-after series of photos showing one of their lambs before, during, and after a bath.

The lamb wasn’t filthy to begin with, but it was clear that there was some dirt to be removed.

Once the lamb was groomed and dried, WOW!

The photos have gone viral, and now, this cute little cafe is getting a lot more attention. Make sure you stop by on your next trip to South Korea!

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