A nine-year-old poodle named Che-Che is looking for a new home after her humans tragically passed away from the novel coronavirus.

Che-Che’s life was completely uprooted, having lost both her humans and then being transported to New Jersey’s Monmouth County SPCA. Due to concerns about the virus, the shelter staff couldn’t even give her direct contact when they gave her a bath, needing PPE to stay safe themselves. But the kind volunteers were still able to comfort the sweet little dog as she grew accustomed to her new reality.

Now, the shelter is looking for a home for Che-Che. As a senior dog, she knows what she likes and doesn’t like, and the rescue is hoping to find her a home with no children or other pets to make sure she feels safe and happy in her new home.

Thank you for all of your inquiries about Che-Che! We can only consider those applicants without children or other pets to adopt her. Applications are being reviewed on a first-come, first-serve basis and unfortunately, with our limited staff, we will not be able to return every email and phone call. We will be SURE to find Che-Che the perfect home! 

We’ve all seen how COVID-19 is affecting businesses, events, families and now we’re faced with the reality of it taking a toll on our community’s pets.

Che-Che came to the Monmouth County SPCA this past weekend when two members of her family passed away due to the virus. Little 9-lb Che-Che was scared and shaking when she arrived – we can’t imagine what it’s like for a dog like her to suddenly lose everything she’s ever known and then end up in an unfamiliar place. Our staff knew Che-Che needed some comfort and even through our PPE, we could tell a loving touch was all it took to help her to feel safe. In the coming days, Che-Che will receive some veterinary care, including a dental, spay and vaccines plus a warm bubbly bath so that rubbery gloves and crinkly gowns are no longer needed to give her some affection! When Che-Che is ready, we plan to honor the family and those they lost by finding this sweet little girl the perfect home 

Unfortunately, Che-Che is the first of many animals that we anticipate needing a safe haven in these uncertain times. We’re asking for your support NOW so that we can ensure every animal has a loving place to call home while they’re temporary without one.

Thanks to a generous and anonymous donor, your gift will be matched, dollar for dollar, up to $200,000 during our “Compassion Counts” Matching Gift Campaign. Your love and compassion have meant so much to us in the past, and through this matching gift opportunity, you can make an even greater impact on those animals like Che-Che who deserve a second chance 

We’re grateful for your contributions, whether you donate through Facebook or on our website, your gift will be doubled! Click here for our website: bit.ly/2XxEzMb

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