Though many people see them simply as livestock, cattle are sweet animals that can make great pets if you put in the effort!

Marc Stewart of Thistle Do Farm in Bedford, Virginia provides proof of this in his heartwarming and educational videos featuring his own cattle. One video in particular is helping people realize that appearances can be deceiving, and just because an animal has built-in weapons on their head doesn’t mean they’re eager to use them.

Marc has a highland steer named Hamish. Hamish probably doesn’t look like the cows you see when you drive by a big pasture, though. His long coat and huge horns make him stand out from the pack (or rather, the herd), and most people wouldn’t blame you for staying away from his weaponized head.

As Marc points out, though, there’s really nothing to be afraid of as long as you don’t do anything to provoke this gentle giant! Highland cattle are known for being particularly docile, and as you can see, Hamish is very content to just relax by his favorite human as the farmer brushes the steer in all his favorite spots. In the process, Marc shares some eye-opening facts about Hamish and his kind. For example, when Hamish turns his head away from Marc, it’s a sign of “cow respect,” as Marc puts it. In other words, Hamish is showing Marc that he’s deliberately pointing his sharp horns away from his friend as if to say, “Don’t worry, I’m not going to hurt you!”

People are loving this touching video, and after we saw it, we have a whole new respect and appreciation for these gentle giants!


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