Anyone who’s ever set foot in an airport knows how hectic traveling can be. Between trying to get to your gate on time, finding your gate in the first place, keeping track of your luggage, and trying to unpack what feels like your whole carry-on bag in record time to get through security, it’s no wonder that so many passengers hate going to the airport.

The San Francisco International Airport has brought on the help of 23 extra therapists to help stressed passengers have a more enjoyable time at the airport. And while these employees may be a bit hairier than your average counselor, make no mistake — they’re professionally trained and ready to brighten your day.

The group of animals is appropriately named the Wag Brigade.

The airport has been working with the San Fransisco Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals to get the four-legged friends on the job.

These aren’t just your everyday pets, either — the entire Wag Brigade is made up of certified therapy animals.

Most of the Wag Brigade is comprised of dogs, but there’s also LiLou the therapy pig!

The helpful pals come in all shapes and sizes.

The pets bring a brief moment of relief and joy to passengers who are stressed out or worrying as they travel from one place to the next.

After all, it’s hard to look at an adorable face like this and still be in a bad mood.

Or could you even imagine keeping a frown on your face while petting this good boy?

The Wag Brigade is doing their part to help make traveling a better experience. Let’s hope more airports start to invite therapy pets in to help passengers feel better!

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