If you’ve ever unpacked a TV, you’ve probably dealt with the frustrating hassle of breaking down the large cardboard box it came in and figuring out how to best dispose of it. Unlike other shipping boxes or even shoe boxes, the boxes that televisions arrive in aren’t exactly shaped for repurposing, so many people just choose to toss them out… until now.

Tech giant Samsung is now attempting to change the way we see TV boxes with a new campaign that encourages consumers to upcycle the cardboard their televisions come in. The brand first teased the development on social media, showing that the boxes come in three different sizes.

Each box has a QR code on it, which consumers can use to search for “upcycling ideas” that they can create using the dot matrix on the boxes.

For example, you can buy a TV and receive a “free” pet house in the process.

Or maybe you need a place to store your remotes, coasters, or other TV and living room accessories.

Or maybe you’d get more use out of a bedside table to hold your books and knick-knacks.

Or perhaps a simple magazine rack next to the sofa is all you need.

If you think you can do a better job at repurposing your TV box, you can enter a contest from Samsung and Dezeen that could land you $20,000 if you create the winning “redesign”!

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