Have you gotten tested for COVID-19 yet? If you have, you know that it’s not pleasant, and if you haven’t… well, imagine what it would be like to poke a stick into the very back of your throat and the very back of your nose. It’s about as pleasant and glamorous as it sounds.

So when beloved Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds got tested for the coronavirus, we should’ve all known to expect him to have a memorable reaction to the memorable experience.

He shared photos of the testing on Instagram:

The actor has a role in the Netflix film Red Notice, which had its production delayed earlier this year due to the pandemic. The actors can now come back to work on the film set, but to keep everyone safe and healthy, they all had to test negative for COVID-19 first.

Ryan’s wife, Blake Lively, took photos of her husband’s experience.

While the picture of Ryan’s face truly is worth a thousand words, he also added a hilarious caption that embodies his goofy, witty personality perfectly.

Back to work on #RedNotice. The Covid Test is quick and easy. The doctor places the swab up your nose, just deep enough to tickle your childhood memories and then it’s over. No matter what you say to him, he won’t buy you dinner first.
📷: @blakelively

Is the coronavirus test that bad? Nope! It’s over in moments. But Ryan’s commentary pretty much sums it up. Remember to wear a mask!


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