While many drownings unfortunately occur when swimmers become exhausted in the water or get pulled out by the tide, there are also cases in which people may accidentally end up in the water, perhaps in a plane or boating accident, or in a terrible flood. If you have to survive in the open ocean for an indefinite amount of time without getting exhausted and dropping below the surface, you’ll need a way to stay afloat, and fast.

A former Royal Marine named Robin (a.k.a. @dutchintheusa on TikTok) has a solution, and if you’re wearing pants, you’ll be able to use them to save your life. This shockingly simple trick can help you make a floatation device out of the clothes on your body, allowing you to stay above the water using only the time and effort it takes to execute this handy trick.

Obviously (and thankfully!), most of us will never end up in this situation. But if you do, you’ll be glad to have this trick up your sleeve… or rather, up your pants.


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