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Robin Williams’ Daughter Zelda Found Photos Of Her & Her Dad That The World Has Never Seen

Photo/twitter: @zeldawilliams

Even though it’s been six years since the world lost beloved actor Robin Williams, many of us will still never be over his untimely death.

Now, Williams’ daughter Zelda has found never-before-seen (at least to the public) photos of her and her father while doing some cleaning at home. Zelda says she was doing some “spring deep cleaning” while self-isolating at home when she came across the pictures, which were taken in a photobooth.

In a reply to a response on her tweet, Zelda confirmed that the pictures were taken in a TRL booth, saying that she was probably around 16 or 17 at the time they were taken. Zelda is now 30, so Robin was likely about 55 at the time.

The photos aren’t some crazy paparazzi snapshots, but beautiful moments in time between a father and daughter. They were no doubt a precious find for Zelda, and for the rest of us, they’re a reminder of the goofy, upbeat actor we all fell in love with over the years.



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