Litter doesn’t just look bad — it’s also harmful to plant and animal life around the world. Many animals get sick, injured, or trapped in discarded garbage, and tragically, some animals don’t survive the encounter.

Thankfully, one lucky fox had a happier ending after getting its head stuck in a plastic bottle in the UK. A good samaritan saw the poor trapped creature and contacted the RSPCA, who sent out a volunteer named Nick to assess the situation.

When Nick arrived on the scene, he saw that the fox had collapsed, unable to breathe properly with its head in the bottle. Still, it found the energy to fight back when Nick tried to remove the trash from its head.

In the end, all was well, and Nick managed to use some serious skills to get the fox free. It scampered off, happy and healthy after its scary ordeal. Hopefully this reminds people why we should be more careful with where we put our garbage.

You can watch the video of the impressive rescue below:


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