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Rescued Opossum Shares A Morning Cuddle With His Favorite Little Human


Opossums are often seen as pests and vermin, but in addition to being great for the environment, these marsupials are actually intelligent and adorable animals.

Susan Rawls knows this better than anyone. She runs a wildlife rescue called Roxie and Friends in Texas, where she rescues and rehabilitates wild animals in need and returns them to their natural habitat. Opossums are some of her more frequent guests, and one of them is particularly attached to her granddaughter, Landree.

Buddy Holly was rescued as a baby early last year, and Susan dedicated her time and effort to bottle-feeding and raising him. Having grown up around humans, Buddy Holly has turned into a cuddly critter, and his best friend is Landree.

One day, Landree came for a visit, and Buddy Holly was as happy as can be. He turned himself into a weighted blanket for the little girl, and you can tell how happy they both are as they enjoy some quality time together.

Opossums are wild animals and are surprisingly delicate, so don’t let this video convince you to trap and befriend one of the opossums that roam around your back yard at night! Susan is an expert and understands how to best care for opossums and other wildlife. But hopefully, Buddy Holly can help show people that these special creatures don’t deserve the stigma that surrounds them.



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