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Rescued Dog Gets Maternity Shoot Before Giving Birth To Eight Puppies


Once upon a time, Lily Mae was a loose dog without a collar running around a park in Arkansas. But then, her life changed when she was spotted by Ryan Fant.

Ryan started to play with the dog, then brought her home with him when she began to follow him. He searched for her owner for a month before finally deciding that she would now be his dog. Then he noticed a slight hitch in his plans — Lily Mae’s belly was getting bigger and bigger. Yep, she was pregnant!

Wanting to ensure that his new four-legged family member got the best maternity care possible, Ryan sent Lily Mae to his sister-in-law, Caitie Evers, who has plenty of experience fostering pregnant dogs and their newborn puppies. Caitie made sure to spoil Lily Mae and take great care of her, and days before the sweet mama dog gave birth, Caitie decided to go the extra mile and give her foster dog a maternity photo shoot.

Caitie worked with her friend and photographer Shauna Kiely to give Lily Mae the full maternity shoot experience. She was positively glowing!

Both mom and foster mom were excited for the babies to arrive, and Ryan was looking forward to having his sweet girl back at home!

Just days later, Lily Mae gave birth to eight puppies: seven boys and one girl. What a beautiful family they are!

Once they’re old enough to be adopted, the puppies will be available through the Houston-based shelter Chip N’ Snip. Then, Lily Mae will go back to her dad and live out the rest of her life as a happy member of Ryan’s forever family.



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