When many people envision their “perfect” pet, they think of a kitten or a puppy straight out of a calendar photograph. Indeed, many people still seek out their new furry family members from breeders, hoping to find an animal that looks and behaves exactly the way the breed manuals say they will.

There’s nothing wrong with having preferences, of course, but time and time again, rescued pets remind us that sometimes, imperfection is perfection.

If you need any proof, just look at one very special cat named Olive.

Olive was rescued by the Almost Home Animal Rescue in New York. The poor kitty was hungry, malnourished, and covered in tree sap when the rescuers caught her, but she was soon ready to be fostered.

Once Olive had recovered, she was ready to go to her new home with her new owner, Michelle, where she’s been happy and spoiled ever since!

If you look at Olive, though, you’ll quickly notice that she doesn’t look like most other cats. Olive has strabismus, which means that the tiny muscles that her eyes in place and move them side to side and up and down are damaged. As a result, she’s been lovingly given the nickname “Crazy Eyes Olive,” and her unique appearance has led over 150k people to follow her on Instagram!


Her differences aren’t just aesthetic, though. Olive also has some neurological problems, including symptoms that resemble seizures, according to Bored Panda. However, her mom has been able to manage them with CBD and other medications.

Olive is perfect just the way she is, and she’s a reminder that even when pets don’t look or act exactly like we’d expect them to, they can still be the best friends of our dreams.


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