Who remembers the classic “Air Bud” movies from the nineties? The story of a golden retriever becoming a basketball star captured the hearts of kids and adults, and it’s no surprise that so many people secretly hoped that their dog would also learn how to play sports with them.

Well, this dog may not be a golden retriever, but it’s about as close to Michael Jordan on four legs as we’re going to get! This border collie was filmed helping his owner shoot some hoops, bouncing the ball back to him whether he missed or made it.

The video, which was originally shared by Instagram user @maggiemmacrory, has now been widely shared by news and sports outlets. The dog is clearly having a blast playing ball with his human, and the human sure must be grateful to have such a helpful assistant! Plus, are we the only ones who are impressed with just how good the dog’s aim is?

Check out the cute video below:

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Board Dog Gets Paid. . (🎥: @maggiemmacrory)

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