Life changed fast this month for professional singer Charlotte Awbery. Earlier in February, Awbery was randomly selected by comedian Kevin Freshwater as he got material for his “Finish The Lyrics” series. While the other people Freshwater had randomly approached to finish singing popular songs ranged from “yikes” to “decent” with their singing ability, Freshwater was shocked when he started singing the song “Shallow” by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper and asked a random blonde woman to finish the lyrics. The woman, later identified as Awburry, sang like an angel, and when Freshwater asked her to continue, she belted out the chorus of the song just as well as Lady Gaga herself.

Since the clip went viral, Awbery has gained hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram, and her starpower has grown exponentially. Awbery’s talents caught the attention of Ellen DeGeneres herself, and the TV host invited Awbery to sing on her show.

In the segment (which also features Freshwater), Awbery explains that, contrary to what some people believed, the encounter between her and Freshwater had been completely random and wasn’t staged. She explained how her life has changed since the video went viral, and the world got to learn a bit more about the mystery singer on the subway.

Check out Charlotte’s rendition of “Shallow” as she performed it on the Ellen Show below:

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