There’s a common phrase that the pets we rescue “choose us,” but perhaps that’s never been clearer than in the case of a stray puppy named Bandit.

Bandit’s story as we know it started when experienced dog rescuer and fosterer Valia Orfanidou was driving through the countryside in Greece. Suddenly, in her rearview mirror, she saw a little black and white puppy jump out of the bushes and start running after her car.

Valia, who also runs the Orphan Pet blog, stopped the car and spent the next ten minutes trying to gain the puppy’s trust. When she finally managed to grab him after he’d been darting under her car, he yelped in fear, clearly scared of humans. Soon enough, though, the little guy was in the car and on his way to a new life.

Bandit has been spending his time at Valia’s house with her other dogs, but given how many dogs she fosters, Valia knows that the pup will have to find a more permanent home, hopefully someday soon. But until then, she’ll be giving this cutie pie all the love he deserves. After all, he ran so fast to get it!

Check out the video of Bandit and Valia’s meeting below:


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