A lot of artists aim to make their viewers uncomfortable, but rarely do they hit the mark as well as Mohamed Halawany.

This Egyptian artist has created a series called “Real Toons” that reimagines some of our favorite cartoon characters looking a little more… well… human. What would Mickey Mouse look like if he lacked his exaggerated hands and feet and instead looked like a body builder? What if Woody from Toy Story were Pinnochio-d into a real man instead of a doll with stitched elbows and knees?

The results are, admittedly, a bit creepy. But at the same time, they make us look at these beloved characters in a whole new way — like maybe, just maybe they could exist in the same terrifying reality as us.

Take a look:

1. Buzz Lightyear

2. Donald Duck

3. Amy Rose

4. Minnie Mouse

5. Dexter

6. Woody

7. The Genie

8. Dee Dee

9. Rick Sanchez

10. Michelangelo

11. Elsa

12. Homer Simpson

13. Mario

14. Sonic

15. Mickey Mouse


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