It’s not so strange to think that, if you found a puppy on the side of the road, you might bring it home and take care of it for the night.

But what if the puppy was a coyote?

That didn’t stop Massachusetts police officer Carlo Mastromattei from going out of his way to help one stranded coyote pup when he received a call for a wounded dog on the road back in 2019.

The trooper realized that the pup’s mother was nowhere to be found, and he called a number of wildlife rescues to see if they could take the cute little critter. When no one was available to help, he called Ocean View Kennels, and the owner came to his aid with a crate for the unexpected new friend.

There weren’t many options available to house a wild coyote pup in the middle of the night, so, with the pup safely crated, the officer called his girlfriend, AnnBeth, and asked if she’d be willing to keep the little guy at her house for the night. She agreed, and the pup enjoyed safety and a roof over his head for the night.

Image Source: Massachusetts State Police via Facebook

Of course, coyote pups aren’t meant to live in homes forever, and the next day, Ocean View Kennel transported the pup to Tufts Wildlife. He was given a clean bill of health and sent to a wildlife specialist to be rehabilitated to be released back into the wild when he became old enough.

Image Source: Massachusetts State Police via Facebook

Carlo, AnnBeth, and all of the organizations involved in making sure this pup got out of his ordeal safely are heroes! Who knows what might’ve happened to this cutie pie if he had been ignored just because he’s a coyote?

Image Source: Massachusetts State Police via Facebook

Hopefully, this coyote is now back in the wild and living his best life thanks to the efforts of so many kind-hearted people!


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