By now, much of the world has seen the devastating explosion that destroyed a large portion of Beiruit, the capital of Lebanon. The explosion, which authorities are saying was set off by 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate stored unsecured in a warehouse, has claimed the lives of at least 137 people and has left thousands injured.

Videos of the explosion have been circulating around the web, with many people having begun to film as smoke began pouring out of the warehouse.

One professional photographer got a unique perspective of the blast when what was supposed to be a joyful day for a bride and groom turned terrifying in an instant. Mahmoud Nakib was shooting a wedding day clip of a beautiful bride in her gown when the blast hit, and the video has since gone viral.

29-year-old Israa Seblani of Lebanon was enjoying her wedding day with her new husband, 34-year-old Ahmad Subeih. Israa was outside taking photos and videos on the sunny day with Mahmoud behind the lens when everything changed. A commotion can be heard in the distance, and then just seconds later, a deafening blast blows away the bride’s bouquet and shakes the entire area. The photographer, bride, and groom are all ok after the blast, though obviously devastated by the destruction and tragedy that’s befallen the city.

You can watch the video below, and beware — the sound of the explosion is very loud:

Mahmoud also shared a clip of the area after the explosion had completely transformed it:


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