Proposing a lifetime together to someone you love is one of the most special moments in the relationships of couples who are destined to be together, and it’s no wonder that so many spouses-to-be organize photography shoots to ensure that the proposal is captured forever.

Unbeknownst to a man named Sharath, that’s what his then-girlfriend Savi had been planning all along when she arranged a couples shoot with photographer Miranda Anderson. Savi was going to propose to Sharath, as Miranda knew ahead of time, but then, Miranda got a message from Sharath saying that he was going to propose to Savi during the shoot as well!

Miranda saw this as the perfect opportunity to have the pair surprise each other. Without telling the two what the other had planned, she suggested the perfect time during the shoot to turn around and pop the question, then captured the funny, sweet moment with her camera.

The photographer shared the result of her good-natured double agent work in a cute video, and it will brighten up your whole day:


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