We’re not saying Jocelyn Anderson is a Disney princess, but we’ve never seen her and Snow White in the same room together.

Jocelyn describes herself as a “photographer who is a big fan of birds,” and her work certainly proves both her skill and passion. She captures our winged friends at their most majestic, from the tiniest finches to the largest eagles.

Jocelyn’s skill with a camera doesn’t stop with still images, though. Recently, her video work has also gained attention — she captures stunning slow-motion shots of birds literally eating out of the palm of her hand. The clips are beautiful, showing the birds at a distance and level of detail most of us never get the chance to see.

The videos give a true close-up look at many fascinating avian details, such as how birds flap their wings as they come in for a landing and the lovely patterns on their feathers.

It’s not just about the art, though — through her work, Jocelyn gets to spend time with some of her favorite creatures while building her audience’s appreciation for the animals that have brought so much joy to her life.

Make sure you follow Jocelyn on social media for more of these beautiful videos and photos!


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