There are some scenes in the animal kingdom you simply don’t expect to see. Could you imagine what the person who first saw flying fish must have thought?!

One photographer in Brazil captured a scene in nature that seems almost equally fantastical: a mother and baby tapir going for a job across the bottom of a river.

Fernando Maydana was diving in Rio de Prata, which is frequented by tapirs, when he came across the scene he described as “magical.”

Though tapirs are land mammals, they spend plenty of time in the water as well. They use water sources to cool off, hide from predators, or find food. They’re known for letting themselves sink to the bottom to feed on the soft plants on the riverbed, and they even enjoy it when tiny fish in the river pick debris off their bodies!

Still, even though Fernando had long known about tapirs’ love for being underwater, he wasn’t expecting to see this special moment of a mother and child sharing a jog together. He called the video “the most incredible scene [he’d] ever captured,” and we think you’ll see why:


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