A photo of 2 kids outside of Taco bell using their wifi to do homework has gone viral

@flowerinspanish who took the photo posted on instagram:

“Oh my gosh 🥺 mi corazon. This image shared my @ms_mamie89 of 2 little girls outside a Taco Bell in Salinas trying to access the WiFi for their classes. It’s been so tough on these frontlines, there’s so much necessity in these underserved communities. We need to save them. And how is this possible if these are the communities that feed the country? I’ve been learning so much and honestly I needed a couple days to get my thoughts and strategies together to figure out how I can make a bigger impact at a faster rate. I had to step back and figure out how I can work smarter not harder for these communities. Because let me tell you there’s just so many families that need our help. We are just getting started. We want to provide access to the internet to as many families possible, looking at solutions as I speak. We want to do everything in our power to save our people, our children, our community, our culture. Can I please get connected with this family 🥺 #immigrationreformnow #affordableeducationnow #distancelearning #abolishice


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