Normally, if you see a deer’s head without the body attached, you’re either a wild predator after a hunt or an innocent human who’s just stumbled on a gruesome sight. In the case of one “bodyless” deer, though, you might just be looking at a very confusing photo.

Don’t worry — the deer in the picture is very much alive and well. But no one can figure out how the deer “fits” behind the tree.

It’s the latest optical illusion baffling animal lovers on the internet.

Facebook user Jenny McMillan shared the photo and insists that there’s nothing about the picture that’s edited, and she wouldn’t know how to edit it to create such an effect even if she tried! So now, the entire internet is trying to figure out how a whole deer could hide behind a tree with just her head poking out the other side.

Image Source: Jenny McMillan via Facebook

What could be the answer? Is the deer living in the tree like an owl? Is the tree a secret portal to another world, and the deer is just popping out her head for a visit? Or, more logically (and perhaps more boringly), is the deer just standing facing the tree, her body hidden behind it, and turning her head in the other direction? We may never know!

What’s your guess for how this head-scratcher of a photo came to be?


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