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People Think This Bear Using “Nunchucks” Is Fake, But Nope, It’s 100% Real


2020 has thrown us a lot of curveballs, but I don’t think anyone was expecting “bears with nunchucks” to pop up on their social media feed.

And yet, that’s exactly what happened when Twitter user @shirokumaroko went to the Yagiyama Zoological Park in Sendai, Japan and came across a black bear named Tsubasa. The zoo visitor captured Tsubasa playing with a cylindrical feeder he’d broken and was now using as a toy, swinging it around and back and forth. We’re no biologists, but to us, this really just looks like a bear training to beat us up.

The video has been viewed over seven million times, and while a lot of people are just stunned at how eerily human the bear seems to be acting, some have also speculated that this really is just a prank — perhaps an actual human in a bear suit, or maybe some clever CGI. But nope, additional videos of Tsubasa prove that this is a real bear playing/training to defeat us all.

Rather than being bothered by the strange object around his paw, this happy bear seems pleased to have found a new toy.

He seemed to especially enjoy playing with it in the water (even if it did make things a bit more slippery).

Eventually, Tsubasa did move on to pay attention to something else, but he gave all of his fans at the zoo quite a show!



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