The coronavirus has wreaked havoc on humans’ health and day-to-day lives, but it’s given nature a much-needed break. Animals are returning to seemingly deserted towns as people quarantine themselves inside, and pollution levels are dropping as cars stay parked in driveways and airplanes stay grounded.

Now, India has seen a drop in its pollution levels, and some people are enjoying the view of the Himalayas for the first time in decades. The mountains usually aren’t visible from the Jalandhar district in Punjab, but with the air now clearer, locals are able to see them from about 125 miles away!

Indian cricket player Harbhajan Singh took a photo of the stunning sight and shared it to Twitter, where people were left awestruck.

People started replying with their own photos of their new view. Wouldn’t you be delighted to look out your window and see this?

Many people experiencing the view have never seen the mountains like this in their entire lifetime!

The beautiful Himalayas can be seen from an incredible distance.

While we obviously want life to return to normal, it’s nice to take advantage of the sights of a cleaner, more natural world during this time. Hopefully we can use this as a lesson to treat our planet better in the future!

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