We all teach our children to say “please” and “thank you” pretty much as soon as they start putting words together. Instilling manners into our kids can be a challenge for some parents, but for the mom of a two-year-old named Grey, it’s clear that this isn’t likely to be one of their challenges of parenthood.

Grey and his mama have gone viral on TikTok and beyond for their delightful, pure interactions. Grey’s mom hands him a (delicious-looking) plate of food, and every time, little Grey accepts it happily with a cheerful “Thank you” or “Thank you, mama.”

The little moments are so cute, with Grey’s innocent joy and tiny voice putting a smile on millions of faces. Plus, the food this lucky little boy gets to eat just looks so darn good. It’s no wonder this simple video has charmed so many viewers!


It’s clear that this little cutie pie has found his favorite phrase already!



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