When most of us think of squirrels, we envision the ones we see scampering across trees in parks or darting across power lines… or dangling off our bird feeders.

Two Japanese islands, though, are home to the Japanese dwarf flying squirrel: an adorable little critter that looks more like a children’s stuffed animal than a real-life mammal. You won’t see them hanging around just anywhere in Japan, though — they can only be found on the islands of Kyushu and Honshu, and they’re most active at night.

Still, photographer Handa Natsumi has managed to capture some stunning shots of these cute, elusive creatures.

Some people think these squirrels’ giant eyes make them look more like Pokemon than real animals!

They live up to their name, too — these little fellas can glide up to a hundred meters through the air!

They look like creatures from a storybook. Doesn’t this one look like he might start gossiping about the neighborhood rabbit?


Unlike many other wild rodents, these squirrels don’t hibernate during the winter.

They sure are curious!

If you love nature, making it out to Japan to try to spot these cuties is a must.


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