Our cats might not know how to use a fork and knife, but they’re fairly dainty eaters (certainly when compared to dogs, at least). Generally, they know how to moderate their food intake and don’t scarf down their breakfast or dinner. This isn’t the case for all cats, though.

Case in point: the cat shared in a video by Twitter user @tramL116. “What in the world kind of pig cat eats like this[?]” he asked in the caption of the video, which showed two cats sharing a bowl of dry food. But one of those kitties is not like the other, and you have to see it for yourself:

This isn’t the only cat to have an apparent complete lack of table manners, either. Other Twitter users began replying to the original post with videos of other cats who might actually be pigs.

Some cats even shovel it in with their “hands!”

One of the responders on the comment thread pointed out that cats who have to fend for themselves as strays often eat like this as a survival tactic, getting as much food into their stomachs as quickly as possible so that they don’t get robbed by other rival cats. Thankfully, all of these kitties seem to have a healthy, consistent food supply!


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