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Pelican Finally Has A Chick Of His Own After 6 Years Of Wanting To Be A Dad


Mr. Percival had a rough start in life. This pelican in Queensland, Australia had a habit of getting tangled up in fishing nets and eventually lost a wing. That’s when his luck changed for the better, as he was taken in by Twinnies Pelican and Seabird Rescue. Mr. Percival has been at the rescue for 18 years now, and while he’s living his best life in comfort and safety, it was obvious that he wanted something more.

You see, for six years, Mr. Percival and his partner have been trying to have a chick. Both pelicans would try to incubate their egg, but none of them ever hatched. Instead, Mr. Percival would look around, sad as he saw the other pelican parents with their new chicks while he and his partner had to go another year without becoming parents.

This year, though, Twinnies came up with a solution. They carefully switched an egg from one nest and put it into the Percival family’s nest, and at last, the wish of these pelican parents finally came true.

Both Mr. Percival and his partner have turned out to be loving and devoted parents, sharing all the responsibilities of taking care of a young chick. Mr. Percival swims around looking for fish to feed his young one.

Thanks to the help of the devoted Twinnies carers, these pelicans are finally getting to show what great parents they are.

We’re so glad that this special family was able to find the happiness they were looking for! This chick is going to grow up to be healthy, strong, and very loved.

All photos and video from Twinnies Pelican and Seabird Rescue via Facebook



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