Birds rely on their beaks to survive, and the ones that have theirs damaged in the wild rarely survive for long.

One parrot with a damaged beak got very lucky, however, when he was saved by Renascer ACN: an animal rescue organization in Brazil. The bird’s beak was almost entirely broken off. Were he not found, it wouldn’t be long before his injuries killed him.

Dr. Maria Ângela Panelli Marchió, however, wasn’t about to let this bird live a shorter, lesser quality of life. She specializes in prosthetics, and she made one for this special bird that is so tough, even a chainsaw couldn’t break through it.

The bird then underwent surgery to attach the beak.

With a new beak now attached, the parrot has a new lease on life!

While he won’t be able to go back to the wild due to the risk of the beak falling off, he’ll be able to live out his life in comfort, with eating, drinking, and grooming as normal.

We’re so glad this lucky bird got his happy ending!

All images via the Renascer ACN Instagram page


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