Anyone who’s had to sleep-train a baby knows the exhaustion, frustration, and guilt that comes with it. Sometimes, babies do just need to self-soothe, but with that process comes a lot of tears (from both the baby and parents), and any apartment neighbors may also be unwittingly privy to the process if the walls are thin enough.

One family seemed well aware of this fact as they prepared to let their baby self-soothe, so they sent out a letter to their own neighbors to explain the crying and offer some “compensation” for lost sleep and frustration.

Twitter user @KittyBeeJr shared the emotional note her neighbors left for her:

Not only was the Twitter user sympathetic to her neighbors’ plight, she even went out of her way to make this tough time a bit easier for them.

The wholesome interaction has gone viral on the internet, earning over a million favorites on Twitter. Parents in particular seem to heavily connect with the emotions expressed in the neighborly letter.

We’ll keep our fingers crossed that the baby in question soon gets comfortable sleeping alone!


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