One of the greatest joys of childhood is pretending to be an adult without having any of the actual responsibilities. You can have a baby doll without changing stinky diapers, play doctor without all the stress and tragedy that comes with the profession, and start a restaurant without having to actually cook.

Unfortunately for one little girl, though, the fact that her dad was her “customer” didn’t keep her safe from another harsh reality of real-life restaurant ownership: tough reviews. Little Ava, who is the daughter of a man named Chris Kyle, was lucky enough to be gifted a home play kitchen from her parents. Naturally, Chris had to stop into Ava’s restaurant for a meal.

Chris has said in a Bored Panda interview that although the set was expensive, costing him a few hundred dollars, it was “worth every penny.” But the service? Well, it could use a bit of work. In a tongue-in-cheek post on Instagram, Chris shared a review of “Ava’s Kitchen,” and other parents who have been supportive customers in their children’s culinary pursuits are relating hard.

“So I tried to support another Black Owned Business for lunch today. It’s called Ava’s Kitchen, just opened end of April. It’s a very clean establishment, but whewww let me tell you about this owner.

First off, I asked why there are balloons on my chair, and it’s not my birthday? She talm’bout, mind yah business; those are Mommy’s.

I been waiting on my order to get done for 45 minutes, and I’m the only customer here. She was making good progress at first, then she stopped for 20 minutes to go watch Paw Patrol.

Overall the customer service could be better, but the cook is a cutie; so I’ll give her another chance. Let’s not give up on Black businesses so fast after one mistake.”

Thankfully, Ava seems to have doubled her efforts, and Chris is happy to report that Ava’s Kitchen is now thriving after all the attention on social media.


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