Pangolins are adorable scaled creatures, and unfortunately, they’re the most trafficked animals in the world. The creatures are endangered, highly sought after for their scales and meat.

Thankfully, though, one lucky pangolin was saved from his fate by Dr. Mark Ofua. Dr. Ofua was contacted about a baby white-bellied pangolin who was born in captivity in the bushmeat trade. The little pangolin, who was later named Neal, was sick and malnourished, his mother being in a weakened state herself when she gave birth to him. Dr. Ofua drove quite a distance to rescue Neal, and thankfully, his efforts were worth it.

The cute critter was taken to SaintMark’s Animal Hospital and Shelter and is doing well! And because he was raised in captivity, he’s become rather attached to his caretakers, using his tongue to explore his surroundings. For his caretakers, that means lots of pangolin kisses!

Now that Neal is in good hands, he’ll continue to improve in health and enjoy his life as a pangolin. We’re so glad that this little fella will be getting his happy ending!


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