If you could choose any famous actor to play you in a movie, TV show, or music video, who would you pick?

When you’re as famous as Ozzy Osbourne, you can basically pick anyone you want to star as you in one of your music videos, so that’s exactly what he did. In his teaser for “Scary Little Green Men,” we see a hooded figure slowly approaching the mic, and when he takes off his hood, we see that it’s Game of Thrones and Aquaman star Jason Momoa himself!

It’s worth noting that Momoa himself is a well-known metal fan, so although seeing him portray Ozzy in a music video might be a surprise at first, it actually makes a lot of sense!

Check out the teaser below:


  1. Nobody could have portrayed Ozzy as well as Jason did! He was awesome, he did such a great job that I think he could also play musician Meat Loaf. 😁

  2. They couldn’t have picked anyone better to portray Ozzy, than Jason. What an awesome and fun video.

    I think Jason could also portray Meat Loaf too! 😁


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