What started as a funny internet meme finally materialized into an unforgettable pool noodle fight that deserves to be in history textbooks forever.

The epic battle began last year with a goofy message that was soon immortalized on the internet: a man named Josh Swain messaging multiple other men named “Josh Swain” and challenging them to a battle that was set to take place in a year.

It seemed like just another goofy prank that went viral on the internet. But on the specified date, the now famous “Josh Fight” actually happened.

Though the original coordinates ended up being someone’s private property, the Josh Fight was ultimately moved to a different location in Lincoln, Nebraska, so that the battle could go on.

Image Source: Sarah McGonagall via Twitter

In the end, only two of the original nine Josh Swains (including the original message sender) showed up to Josh Fight. But over fifty other Joshes and many, many other spectators, including the media, were in attendance.

The festivities kicked off with a rock-paper-scissors battle between Josh Swain (the original, from Arizona) and Josh Swain (from Omaha, Nebraska). According to Tumblr user Autistic Mob, Josh Swain and Josh Swain faced off in a rock-paper-scissors battle to see who would be allowed to keep his name. Arizona Josh Swain won the battle, but then came the war.

Image Source: Josh Swain via Twitter

All of the Joshes in attendance were invited to participate in an epic pool noodle battle. The rules stated that the fighters would enter the arena with their pool noodles and fight to the “death” (a.k.a. until you were hit with a pool noodle). No headshots or “below the belt” shots were allowed.

Image Source: Sarah McGonagall via Twitter

According to the Tumblr user, the following Joshes were among the warriors:

  • “Josh Swain (Prime)
  • Josh Swain (Secondary)
  • Medieval Josh (full chain mail armor)
  • Spider Josh (x2)
  • “Josh Wick” (had pool noodles mounted to two electric drills for spin-attack capabilities)
  • Furry Josh (A Josh in a fursuit)
  • Big Josh (A large man with the words “Big Josh” painted on his bare torso, and “Dad Bod” painted on his back. Armed with pool noodle wolverine claws)
  • Little Josh (A small boy of about 5 years old)
  • Luchador Josh
  • Roman Centurion Josh”

The battle only lasted for about a minute, and at the end, a single victor was crowned:

Image Source: Sarah McGonagall via Twitter

Yep, Little Josh was the victor of the battle and reigned supreme over all the other Joshes! After the big battle, the pool noodle fight was opened to all attendees who wanted to fight for fun.

It wasn’t all just for glory, though — Josh Fight ended up raising over $14,000 for the Children’s Hospital and Medical Center Foundation. There was also a food drive for the Lincoln Food Bank, and attendees really stepped up to fill cars up with nonperishable food.

Image Source: Josh Swain via Twitter

For the greater good and for Joshes worldwide, Josh Fight ended up being one of the best things that 2021 has given us so far.


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