Everyone is (or should be) washing their hands thoroughly and often to help slow the spread of the coronavirus. Parents have probably learned that their kids are more likely to practice good hygiene if they see their loved ones doing it too, and now, an orangutan has also appeared to pick up on the importance of thorough hand-washing.

Sandra is a resident at the Center for Great Apes, which is a great ape sanctuary in Florida. The 34-year-old orangutan has been around the world, being born in a zoo in Germany and then living in a zoo in Argentina before coming to her forever home in November 2019. Now, Sandra can interact with other orangutans and receive care in a sanctuary environment for the rest of her life.

The Center provides various toys and tools for the orangutans’ enrichment, and one of Sandra’s favorites is a tub of water. As her carers became more diligent about washing their hands, lathering up in front of Sandra, this smart orangutan decided to mimic them and wash her own hands using her brush and water tub. It’s adorable and a great example of just how intelligent these animals are.

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