When you’re a kid (and sometimes when you’re an adult!), big changes that impact your body and appearance can be uncomfortable at best and scary at worst. It’s no surprise that so many children feel apprehensive about getting braces, for example, even though they know that they’ll pay off in the long run.

For many kids, too, getting glasses can be intimidating and even upsetting. But one wonderful kitty is making children feel more at-ease with this big change.

Four years ago, Truffles, too, underwent a big change. She was just a kitten when the person who is now her owner, Danielle Crull, found her in a forest in Pennsylvania. The stray kitten became the queen of the house, and she ended up finding a very fulfilling role with Danielle.

You see, Danielle is an optometrist, and she works with Truffles to help kids look forward to their optometrist visits and make them feel comfortable with wearing glasses and other corrective eyewear.

You see, Truffles herself is quite comfortable wearing glasses… and she looks quite snazzy in them, too!

Truffles sports a wide var-eye-ity of eyewear, showing kids that glasses and eye patches aren’t just helpful — they’re cool!

The result is that her young friends and followers become more comfortable with this big life change. After all, if Truffles enjoys wearing her glasses, they must be fun!

Has an animal ever helped you feel better about a scary change in your life? Let us know in the comments!


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