We all know that diet has a massive impact on our bodies from the inside out. But with all the fads and information (and misinformation) out there, many people struggle to figure out which diet could possibly be best for them long-term.

Twins Hugo and Turner Ross are big into the adventurous lifestyle, and they decided to participate in a study that would compare the effects of a vegan diet and omnivorous (but meat-heavy) diet in two genetically identical people. The results were fascinating, but obviously, make sure you talk with your doctor before starting a new diet plan.

Here’s what the twins looked like at the beginning of the experiment:

They began their diets in January and concluded the experiment in March.

The Turner twins had help from King’s College, which helped them measure factors like their cholesterol, body fat percentage, and others to see how the diets would impact their bodies over the few months.


The calories for their meals were the same, to control another important variable in the experiment.

The experiment also gave them the opportunity to try new things with food.

At the end of the experiment, Hugo (who was on the vegan diet) had lost four pounds and was down from 13% body fat to 12%. He also said that he had more energy and better focus, though added that he experienced a lowered libido.

Ross, on the other hand, went up from 179lbs to 189lbs, gaining 10lbs of muscle and 4lbs of fat and increasing his body fat percentage from 13% to 15% since taking on the high-meat diet. His cholesterol didn’t change, while his brother’s lowered.

The scientists involved with the experiment also noted that Hugo’s vegan diet had made his gut microbiome more resilient to type 2 diabetes and obesity. But both his and his brother’s microbial diversity was decreased following the experiment.

Hopefully, more studies like this can help us learn more about what diet could help contribute to health and longevity! What a great initiative by these adventurous brothers.


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