Sit! Down! Roll over!

We have a lot of special tricks we can teach our dogs, but one talented pup is taking “stay” to a whole new level.

Mio Hashimoto is a skilled sculptor who creates beautiful carvings out of wood, and her dog Tsuki is frequently her muse. There’s just one “problem”: Tsuki is so good at blending in with the sculptures, it’s sometimes hard to tell if she’s real or just a suspiciously real wood sculpture.

Mio has started taking videos of Tsuki being “one with the wood,” and while it sounds crazy to say that a dog is really, really good at staying still, it’s the absolute truth in this case.

Some of Tsuki’s poses are fairly simple:

Other times, though, she seems to have a specific look in mind.

The resemblance between Tsuki and Mio’s creations is uncanny. This artist and dog make the perfect pair!

Sometimes, though, even the best models get tired of sitting in one spot for too long.

If only all models were this easy to work with… and this fluffy!


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