The Olympics may be over, but we’re still thinking about all the amazing moments and athletes that made history at this year’s Games! One of them was the UK’s Tom Daley, who won both a gold and a bronze medal at the 2020 Olympics thanks to his dives off the 10m platform in Tokyo.

But diving isn’t the only special skill that Tom has, and he also garnered a fair bit of attention for something else during his time in Tokyo: knitting.

Yes, in addition to being an elite athlete, Tom also spends his time knitting, even when he was at the Games! But what’s he making, you ask? Well…

Yep, this gold medalist has been making sweaters for adorable dogs!

That’s not all the animal friends who have benefitted from his other special skill, though.

Tom has been practicing his knitting skills for some time now, and if you think his only creations are for furry friends, think again. He also makes knitwear for adult humans and kids alike!


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