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Older Dog Thinks He’s Going For A Fun Drive, Then His Owners Abandon Him


Dogs are meant to be loved by humans for their entire lives, but sadly, countless dogs are dropped off at shelters, or worse, abandoned outside every year. Many times, people can only speculate how loving, well-mannered dogs came to end up in the middle of nowhere, with their owners either nonexistent or refusing to claim them, but video footage captured the heartbreaking moment one senior dog was left to fend for himself after his former owners dropped him off and drove away.

The video, which was shared by I Paw’d It Forward,  shows the golden labrador being led out of a car in Vancouver, Washington, and wagging his tail, thinking that he’s going on another adventure with his humans. But then, the person who led him out of the car removes his collar and leash and leads the dog into the trees before hurrying back to the car so they can drive away.

Thankfully, the dog is now in safe hands and is being well cared for while the situation unfolds. I Paw’d It Forward asked for people to send in any information if they thought they knew who was responsible for the poor pup’s abandonment, and while the name of the suspect hasn’t been publicly released, the organization says they believe they know who the dog deserter is.

Hopefully this sweet dog can find a new loving home while his old owners are held responsible for their reprehensible actions.

You can watch the video below:



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