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Officers Provide “Police Escort” To Help Lost Ducklings Find Their Mother


Many of us may be quarantined inside our homes, but law enforcement officers are still working hard to make sure the outside world is safe and protected. Some LEOs are even going beyond the call of duty, helping some feathery and very non-human “children” find their way back home.

A couple of days ago, the Houston Police department shared a heartwarming video of one of their assistant chief Larry Satterwhite leading a line of tiny ducklings in Memorial Park to a nearby pond after he realized their mother wasn’t with them. Wanting to make sure the ducklings were safe, he convinced them to follow him to somewhere their mother may be looking for them.

Funnily enough, he’s not the only Houston police officer to have taken on the role of “duckling babysitter” recently. NBC reporter Priscilla Thompson shared a similar video of a different officer, Sergeant Englehart, who helped her when she locked her keys in her car. After the officer had helped Thompson, he also helped a group of ducklings find their mother again.

These ducklings have clearly figured out that these officers are good, trustworthy humans. The LEOs were monitoring Memorial Park to make sure that people are staying safe during the COVID-19 outbreak. With all the craziness going on, we’re sure that they enjoyed taking the time to help some ducklings find their way home.

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