The names of some animals make it pretty obvious where you’re likely to find them. Siberian tigers can be found in Siberia, mountain lions can be found in the mountains, and river otters can be found in rivers. Of course, that’s not quite where cameras captured one group of feisty river otters one night.

The Smithsonian Environmental Research Center has shared an awww-some video that reveals what some river otters do when the temperature drops and water (in the form of snow) starts falling from the sky. The SERC had set up game cameras to see what local wildlife could be up to when all the humans are asleep in their homes, and what they captured might just make your heart melt in spite of the freezing temperatures.

Some of the river otters living in the area had decided that the white fluff they found on the ground might be fun to play in! So under the cover of darkness, they rolled and frolicked in the snow, wetting their fur with the chilly stuff. Since it was posted on social media, the video has been liked and shared far and wide. People can’t get over how cute these playful animals are!

Check it out for yourself:


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