We are all aware of the words we were not allowed to say growing up. The words that make our grandparents gasp and strangers glare. You know, swear words.

But have you ever wondered where all those four-letter words came from and why they were deemed so offensive?

A new Netflix show called “History of Swear Words” seems ready to answer these questions and more, and they’ve brought iconic actor Nicolas Cage on as the host to really nail the impact.

The streaming company has just released their first teaser for the new show, and people are already hyped up for it. The clip shows Cage eloquently describing a word we all soon recognize as he paints something on an easel. Don’t worry, though — though your kids may ask a few questions after watching this teaser, there’s nothing said or shown that would get you fired from work or booted from your in-laws’ house.

Take a look at the tease for “History of Swear Words” below, and mark your calendar for January 5 if you want to see the show yourself:


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